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Bodybuilding workouts
Information about bodybuilding, nutritional supplements and diet. Advice on building muscle mass and reducing body fat for both men and women.
Metamorphosis, a self-healing art based on reflexology.
Metamorphosis is a philosophy on healing and a hands-on self healing art. Robert St. John, the founder of Metamorhosis, recoginzed that the patterns of illness, disharmony and conflict have always been in existence.
Information by authors Kevin and Barbara Kunz. books, charts, research, and newsletters.
Reflexology Research Project
Books, charts, research, and newsletters by authors Kevin and Barbara Kunz.
Reflexology Software Ltd.
System designed to try and improve the diagnostic powers of the reflexology, homeopathy and acupuncture practitioners. Programs, news, and courses.
Reflexology World
A magazine dedicated to reflexologists. Numerous resources and a sample issue for review.
Ultimate Healing
Natural Preventive Healthcare utilizing Iridology, Kinesiology, Symptom Analysis, Reflexology, Hypnosis, Natural Medicine. Come Learn More!
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