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Archive for July, 2008

Nutritional Supplements-The Necessary Protocol

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Nutritional Supplements found their origin the China under the auspices of one Carl Rehnborg during the early 1900’s. It was out of necessity that perpetuated Mr. Rehnborg’s interest in the fact that rural populations in China, even though poor, suffered less malunutrition and disease than their urban counterparts. At that time their was political unrest that confined Rehnborg to the urban areas and subsist, as others did, on Army rations only. The results were widespread illness from malnutrition. Rehnborg avoided this condition, as did his friends, by consuming the broth Rehnborg made by boiling grasses, leaves, roots, and anything botanical source he could get his hands on. When they emerged after the unrest settled the results led him to study the relationship between humans and plants.

Upon his returning to the United States set up a laboratory and began experimenting with combining important plant based nutrients into a dried encapsulated form while maintaining the nutritional value of the plant compounds. That idea launched a revolution in nutritional supplementation that is extremely important especially in today’s market place. At this stage of our technological evolution in food production it is necessary to rely on nutritional supplementation to fuel the body’s immune system. With the advent of genetically modified foods, hybrid foods, poor farming and fertilizing/pesticide processes, and lack of crop rotation as well plowing crops under and allowing the soils to recover over several years, we are seeing the disease rates skyrocket like never imagined. You simply can’t get the nutritional firepower necessary to enable the daily repair and rebuilding of the human body with the non-nutrient dense foods that are available. Mix in the aspect of fast foods and processed foods and we are in the middle of a disaster.

Health Insurance You Can Actually Afford!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Health insurance choices you can actually afford! you can think of health insurance choices like a close friend who knows all about health insurance.

So you ask your friend to show you a variety of health insurance options. Then health insurance options help you choose the very best value in light of your needs and budget. Health insurance options show you the options, and then explain them to you clearly and simply so you know you are making the best choice.

Then, after you buy the insurance policy you discover that this is a very good friend. Because your friend stays with you and manages your policy for you answering any questions you may have and handling any problems that might come up.

In a nutshell, that’s what the iCan Benefit Group does. Insurance choices are devoted to offering smart insurance choices you can actually afford and then sticking with you.

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