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Archive for March, 2011

Experience The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

In daily lives, If you feel that your health and fitness levels are not what they should be and that you suffer from a lot of stress, then it is time for you to experience the benefits of massage therapy. A massage is more than a way to relax yourself. It certainly is a great way to get relaxed because an experienced therapist can soothe a lot of your aches and pains away. This particular treatment works by stimulating your blood circulation while giving your muscles a great workout. The movement of the therapist’s hands over your body in a particular pattern aids your blood circulation considerably. This helps to bring nutrition and oxygen to your muscles and to remove toxins that have been accumulated there.

The most immediate response you feel is indeed relaxation, but there are plenty of health benefits as well. For instance, your anxiety levels will reduce by a considerable extent as a result of this treatment. This can help regulate your blood pressure and bring it to a normal level. Your heart rate will also be at the normal level immediately after the session is over. Your body releases fewer stress hormones as a result of this treatment. If you suffer from musculoskeletal problems that cause you a lot of pain, you will benefit greatly from taking a massage. An experienced therapist can give you excellent pain relief after each session. The pain relief will not be permanent but it certainly is welcome when you are in agony.

This helps you to burn more calories than you otherwise would. People who get massages often tend to be very fit and slim due to this reason. Apart from making them look better, this also gives them freedom from diabetes and obesity. Your body also releases serotonin and endorphins which help to elevate your mood. In fact, you can easily fight depression if you are massaged regularly. This positive outlook on life gives you the ability to fight diseases better. You therefore tend to be disease free if you are massaged often.

Benefits of Probiotic Supplements

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Probiotics are very helpful in rejuvenating the friendly bacteria in the bowel/gut of the human body. The probiotic supplements have been proven to be very helpful when a person suffers from a severe injury of the intestine. In case a person gets injured, the percentage of friendly bacteria in his body is likely to come down. Taking probiotic supplements can really help in revitalizing the lost beneficial bacteria. The following is a short list of the most recognized benefits of probiotics:

• Children- With clinical studies that reveal the potential link between bacterial imbalances and the occurrence of childhood eczema in children, probiotics were employed as a remedy that not only reduced the symptoms of eczema, but also, on some occasions, eliminating it entirely. Infants given probiotic fortified formula experienced fewer instances of diaper rash for the same reasons. Minimizing the symptoms of acute diarrhea and rotavirus shedding are two other benefits of probiotics for children.

• Adults – Men have experienced a lowering of overall cholesterol levels with the use of probiotics. In women, probiotics have proven to relieve symptoms of yeast infections by promoting the growth of vaginal flora (healthy vaginal bacteria). Because of the well-known ability of probiotics to regulate the digestive process, the elderly have experienced marked improvements in episodes of constipation.

• Digestive Disorders – With multiple causes like stress, travel, infection and the use antibiotics that can upset the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract, symptoms of digestive disorders can include constipation, gas, diarrhea and discomfort. If left untreated, symptoms such as these can cause other problems like disruption of the immune system. However, the use of probiotic supplements or eating foods containing probiotics can bring the natural bacterial balance back into line allowing the body to self correct and reduce symptoms of discomfort. By promoting the growth of flora in the colon, particular forms of acidophilus found in probiotics can stop the conversion of bile into carcinogens thereby inhibiting autoimmune disorders. Likewise, active bacterial cultures in certain strains of probiotics can create lactase enzymes that counteract the effects of lactose on those who are intolerant. This is why many people with lactose intolerance are capable of eating yogurt with active culture.

• Bioavailability – The body’s capacity to absorb nutrition from food is known as bioavailability. Probiotics increase bioavailability by breaking down complex hydrocarbons, which allow for superior absorption.

The use of probiotic supplements allow the body to regulate itself in a natural way. This allows a person to increase quality of life, avoid common discomforts and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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