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Medical Equipment

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

There were plenty of treatment methods in ancient period. All of them were done with natural products and herbs. As men began to explore the world and increase his medical knowledge treatment methods changed. The invention of medical equipments is considered to be the major innovation in the history of mankind. It has been given high importance as it helps to save lives. Few of the medical devices invented are hearing aids, scanners and x-ray machines, wheel chair, ultrasound machines etc. In this article we shall look in details about the modern medical equipments invented and used mainly incubator.

During olden times, hospitals and doctors depended on traditional knowledge, passed down from person to person, to diagnose, monitor and treat people suffering from diseases and health conditions. The knowledge that was used during those times was considered to be fact, but it always lacked accurate results. Besides lacking results, these processes were slow, taking a long time to provide treatments to patients. The incapacity of traditional medical practices to provide fast and accurate results has further led to complications and made matters even worse. As time progressed, advancements were made in medical equipments, allowing for better, quicker, and more efficient treatments.

Medical equipments, from the time they were discovered have been able to save thousands of lives every year. They are a crucial part of medical operations and healthcare and have been used extensively from hospitals to clinics, all around the world. These medical apparatus and devices are very crucial in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. Without them, the detection and treatment of a certain medical conditions are compromised.

In recent years, there had been major advancements made in medical equipment. The discovery of modern computers has helped a lot in the technological advancements that were done in these modern medical devices. These technological breakthroughs cover a wide array of medical field and treatment including cardiology, neurology, gynecology and reproductive health among others.

One of the recent and most essential advancements made in medical devices is the portable ultrasound machine. With the aid of a smart phone available with ultrasound probe knowledge via USB, this device enables patient data to be sent from remote locales to experts through the phone. In turn, these specialists can further analyze the data that was sent and send back a diagnosis in the quickest time possible.

Prostate cancer, a condition common among many older men can now be treated with the help of an original method of treating growths on the prostate. This method makes use of microwave pulses that are super focused to dissolve the abnormal growth in the prostate area. The newly-discovered gamma cameras have become one of the most helpful tools for the diagnosis of breast cancer. The Brest-specific gamma imaging or BIGS can provide a lot of help in detecting cancer cases, which often go undetected. Another important advancement made is the idea of using microwave in treating certain forms of cancer. This technology involves the use of a skinny needle which is inserted into a tumor that has been found to be cancerous. The needle gives off hot microwaves, causing cancer cells to die after a while. Surgeries will soon be conducted even without the physical presence of a doctor with the introduction of robotic surgeries. These robotic surgeons will be outfitted with an artificial intelligence (AI) program, including 3D ultrasound imaging, enabling these robots to conduct simple surgical by itself.

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

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