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Chiropractic Software

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

A chiropractic office becomes a more productive and profitable one with the help of a chiropractic software suite. More and more chiropractic clinics are turning to technology to expedite back office operations. Everything from accounts receivable to appointment tracking, to reports generation can be expedited with the right chiropractic application that can handle every step of your patients’ visits. If you are looking for an efficient chiropractic practice management system then chiropractic software could be what you need to help you get organized and have your staff work more efficiently.

Chiropractors use various software, and the most basic one available is the 3D modeling software that allows patients to view a computer rendered view of the bone structure, while the chiropractor explains the injuries. This type of powerful software allows the doctor to pinpoint specific vertebrae in the spinal cord while the injury is displayed on the screen.

Simulation software is used to simulate the effect of possible scenarios with the spinal cord when certain stresses are applied. This type of software is used to study the possible causes of stress and injuries to the back. Chiropractors are able to share their discoveries with their patients. With this information, patients can maintain postures that will help them prevent such injuries.

Another version of chiropractic software, and a very popular application in the field of professional sports, is the use of this type of simulation software combined with a motion capture apparatus. With these advance technologies, medical professionals can advise athletes on proper posture and form, not only to prevent injuries, but also for better performance.

SOAPe is state-of-the-art chiropractic software that was designed and developed by a chiropractor with additional input from a team of physicians, attorneys and insurance adjusters. SOAPe gives you all the tools necessary to accurately document your findings and GET PAID with just a few taps of the stylus. Best of all, SOAPe can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on transcription costs! It literally pays for itself in just a few short months. SOAPe chiropractic software is also 100% tax deductible.

SOAPe chiropractic software is designed exclusively for the Pocket PC, SOAPe is a completely portable, yet robust program that rivals similar chiropractic software and chiropractic EMRs costing thousands of dollars! SOAPe allows you to create complete and detailed chiropractic SOAP notes and reports in just seconds! SOAPe comes preloaded with hundreds of orthopedic exams, neurological tests, CPT and ICD-9 codes, and complete spinal rehabilitation programs. SOAPe Chiropractic Software is the number choice among thousands of chiropractors worldwide for chiropractic documentation. With SOAPe, you can create SOAP Notes, Initial Exams, Progress Reports and even Narratives in just seconds! Try it free today by visit .

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