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Laser Hair Removal For Women

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Earlier removal of unwanted hair was a nightmare for most of the women. There were various options for removing the unwanted hair like waxing, sharp razors, dirty smelling hair removal creams and painful electrolysis process but all of them are either very time consuming or painful process.

Things have changed completely today. Advanced technology is used to get rid of the unwanted hair. The laser hair removal is fast becoming one of best ways of getting rid of the unwanted hair and the process is not painful .

Advanced Derma-Laser, conveniently located in midtown New York City, opened its doors for business in 1999. Advanced Derma Laser Inc. serve in New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Bronx. Jennifer Kandemir, owner, Certified Laser Specialist and New York State licensed costmetologist, was originally introduced to laser hair removal from a consumer’s vantage point.

Jennifer, a cosmetologist for 20 years, determined that current hair removal lasers were able to deliver permanent hair reduction. She attended and graduated from Rocky Mountain college as a certified laser specialist and decided to buy the Candela GentleLASE Plus?; in order to establish her own laser hair removal clinic, Advanced Derma-Laser.

First of all, knowing about hair growth. Hair is important for every woman but on the other hand every woman wants to get rid of the unwanted hair growth. Basically the hair grows inside a hair bulb deep in the hair follicle. Follicle may be a small part, but for most of the people it hardly stops growing throughout their life.There are three stages of hair growth which are:

. Anagen (the growing phrase)

. Catagen (the intermediate phrase)

.Telogen (the shedding phrase)

Anagen: This phrase is also called the growing phrase. In this period the hair follicle grows to about 6 inches in a year. The hair follicles that of eyelashes, arms and legs have a growing stage of only few months, so the hair they produce are short.

Catagen: This is also called the transitional stage, in which the hair follicle becomes smaller as the lower portions of the follicle are absorbed by the body, and ceases to make hair.

Telogen: This is also called the resting stage. After two to three months of resting the hair starts falling. At the end of the resting stage, the old hair falls out, the follicle enlarges, and a new growth cycle starts and a new hair shaft begins to grow.


1. Is the laser hair removal effective and safe?

Laser hair removal is a very safe and effective way to get rid of the unwanted hair. The treatment is done taking in mind the different skin types. Proper precautions should be taken before and after the treatment. The treatment should always be done under proper medical professional.

2. How does the laser remove hair?

The hair removal works when the hair growth is on the catagen stage. The light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle.The light is pulsed for only a fraction of second so that it is absorbed by the hair follicle, thereby damaging it and reducing hair growth.

3. What body parts the laser hair removal can work on?

The laser hair removal is safe enough to work on all parts of the body. Be it arms, legs, underarms, face, back, upper lip and bikini line.

Over the years Advanced Derma Laser Inc. has performed over 140,000 successful permanent Laser Hair Removal treatments and has become one of the most highly skilled and respected Laser Hair Removal Centers in America. They are so convinced that you will get great results that they offer life time guarantee and are proud to be New York’s only Laser Center to offer such security!

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