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7 Considerable Ways to Health and Longevity for Your Pets

Friday, October 25th, 2013

1. Know the current level of health. Most health problems are the result of an underlying energy imbalance. As we cure animals of “disease”, we find that other things we thought were normal go away. Your goal is for your animal to have great energy, no doggy odor, no hairball vomiting, little shedding, a glowing coat and many more. Go to the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy for a complete list of these signs. In young animals, these apparently “normal” problems may be the only indications to start exploring new options for lifestyle or treatment.

2. Feed the best. What are the best diets for people or animals — the most processed or the freshest, most organic? The best ingredients should be the most consciously raised – local, organic vegetables, free ranging protein sources. Briefly, the best diet for dogs and cats is raw meat including raw bones, pureed raw and cooked vegetables and a few supplements (Calcium if no bones are eaten is critical). Start as young kittens and puppies. Second best is same quality, but cooked. Even grocery store quality meat and vegetables are much better than most processed foods. Commercial raw food diets can be great to medium quality. Every animal needs and wants a different combination at different times in their lives, just as we do. With any food, observe each of your animals for the effect that food has on them.

3. Vaccine the least. Researchers in conventional veterinary medicine agree that we vaccinate too often, in too many combinations, and that this level of vaccination, while preventing epidemics, is harmful to the health of susceptible animals. The AVMA now recommends that cats and dogs only be vaccinated every 3 years. On-going studies show that antibodies are high 10 and 16 years later, so I recommend just a few baby shots then only rabies as needed to be legal. The insert in vaccine packages says “Give only to healthy animals”, so if your animal is ill in any way, or undergoing treatment, they should not be vaccinated. Vaccinated animals often develop many chronic conditions including cancer.

4. Use the fewest chemicals. Each animal is an individual and will respond differently to heartworm, flea and tick preventatives. Some are very sensitive to chemicals used in the yard or the house. Chemicals in foods can cause allergic type reactions. Healthy yards have lots of weeds. House cleaners can be made from foods and microfibril cloths clean like a charm. Healthy animals never get fleas and ticks.

5. Understand how animals become ill and how they heal. First there is an energetic imbalance (they are just not right), then functional (the dog is itchy), then inflamed (skin is red, infected, swollen and hot) and finally tissue changes (thick, black skin). Results of any treatment can be no change, amelioration (current symptoms disappear with no other improvements, then return), suppression (current symptoms disappear and they become more ill) or a cure (everything about the animal to begins to improve, especially the overall energy level.) Keeping a journal is critical to determine what treatments are helping problems to become less frequent and less severe. You can stand firm with what you feel is working even if your professional disagrees and change approaches when needed.

Choose Medicine for Dog Guides

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Frontline flea products offer both a topical treatment and a spray that may be more cost effective for those with multiple dogs or cats. The spot on treatments are by far the most popular as they are clean and neat to apply while the spray can be messy and the owner must use caution to avoid breathing the spray.

When buying flea products price is only one consideration. The more parasites controlled by the flea med, the higher the price. However, some pet owners prefer to buy one product that provides wide ranging protection rather than purchasing several products that are specific to one parasite. The good news is you can buy discounted pet medications online and save on all the med your dog needs.

Another factor is the number of pests that are common where you live. In humid, warm climates heartworms and mosquitoes that spread heartworm disease are prevalent and may be active year round. Areas that are heavily forested may have high tick populations that threaten the health of pets.

When Advantage flea medication was released, it was the first topical spot on flea treatment for dogs that was effective for a full month. Pet owners happily accepted this product that promised to rid their dogs of nasty, blood sucking fleas.

A new addition to the Advantage line is Advantage Multi for dogs which kills parasites such as heartworm, roundworm, whipworm and hookworm but does not control ticks.

Frontline Plus kills fleas and flea eggs and also kills brown dog ticks, American dog ticks and lone star ticks as well. The spot on treatment lasts a full 30 days and remains effective after bathing your dog. Frontline Plus controls chewing lice and helps control sarcoptic mange for dogs 8 weeks and older.

K9 Advantix is a good choice for flea prevention where high mosquito populations are present. K9 Advantix kills both adult fleas and larvae to break the flea life cycle. Ticks are killed and the product also repels mosquitoes. K9 Advantix should not be used on dogs that come into physical contact with cats or on pregnant or nursing dogs. For older or sick dogs, consult your veterinarian before using K9 Advantix to control fleas.

Revolution is aptly named. Available with prescription, Revolution offers a wide ranging protection for your pet. The topical treatment kills fleas and their eggs, kills the American dog tick, treats ear mites and controls sarcoptic mites in dogs. In addition, Revolution is a heartworm preventative and appears safe to use on pregnant or lactating dogs and on puppies six weeks or older.

Capstar is a unique flea product that is meant for specific occasions. Capstar is a single dose of one pill given to the dog that kills all adult fleas present on the animal quickly. This pet med does not kill flea eggs or have a residual effect. It is a good solution for dogs that have adult fleas as it kills the fleas quickly and can followed 24 hours later with a topical, long term flea medicine. Capstar is useful for dogs that are shown or boarded, or for a newly adopted animal brought into your home.

The newest flea medicine for dogs is Comfortis. Unlike spot on treatments, Comfortis is a beef flavored wafer your dog will eagerly accept as a treat. This new product begins killing flea within 30 minutes of ingestion and keeps your dog flea free for 30 days.

All of the flea medicines for dogs listed above work well as intended. Decide what level of protection your pet needs and what pests and parasites are most common in your locale and choose a topical spot on flea med that meets your dog’s needs. With the exception of Revolution, the pet meds listed above are available without prescription. For the lowest price, shop online at a veterinarian owned website to ensure the product you receive are fresh and exactly what you ordered.

It’s best not to become overly fond of any one flea treatment for dogs. Fleas adapt quickly and in as little as one year can become at least partially immune to a specific flea medication. Advantage, Frontline Plus,K9 Advantix, Revolution and Comfortis have different flea killing ingredients. Changing brands once a year will keep fleas from developing immunity to any one flea medicine for dogs.

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