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Angel Survive
A support site (chat and forum) for victims of abuse, rape, or mental illness topics.
Anxiety Panic OCD Recovery
Understand the exact process of Anxiety / Panic.
At Health, Inc.
provides mental health information and services to practitioners and those they serve, including online continuing education courses.
for those interested in the brain, mental health, and emotional fitness, with IQ and other brain tests.
DMDA Metro Atlanta
Provides support groups in metro Atlanta for people with depression or bipolar disorder and their family and friends.
Emotional Success- Feel Anger. Heal Anger.
Book on healing anger, deal with anger, depression, anxiety, stress, emotional and mental health with psychologist John R. Rifkin, Ph.D. located in Boulder, Colorado.
Cognitive training and memory workout with online tests designed to expand the mind and build up brainpower.
Connects mental health professionals and consumers with useful information, services, and each other.
Internet Mental Health
Online encyclopedia of articles on mental disorders, treatment, medications, and research
Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab - Burning Tree
<p>Burning Tree provides an innovative treatment approach to transform the lives of individuals and help them take control of their future.</p>
For people with mental problems. Among the categories are schizophrenia, OCD, and abuse.
Mental Earth Community
Mental health forums managed by Dr. Warren Selekman, PhD. Variety of mental health forums and chat rooms.
Mental Health Abuse
Exposing the crimes of mental health practitioners.
Mental Health Abuse
Exposing the crimes of mental health practitioners.
Online, interactive self-help programs for people suffering from depression, eating disorders, and other mental health problems.
A place where those who struggle with mental illness or abuse can go to be heard and seek answers in the experiences of others.
Personal Enrichment Services Inc.
The mission of Personal Enrichment Services Inc. is to provide effective, efficient, and sensitive psychological services to families, adults and couples. Personal Enrichment Services is based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Planet Psych
Offers information about disorders, treatments, self-help techniques, therapist directory, interactive quizzes, a bulletin board, and a chance to receive free answers from a therapist to your questions.
Premier Behavioral Solutions, Inc.
provider and manager of treatment, education, and community-based programs for at-risk, troubled, and special needs youth.
Providence Corporation
Offers home-based, school-based, and community-based counseling and social services as alternatives to institutional or office-based treatment programs.
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